how long will it take my order to ship:  depending on the size of the order the average wait time is about 2-3 weeks.  after the item is made it takes at least 3 days to cool so it doesn’t crack.  larger or custom orders may take longer.  you should receive a quote before payment.


Do We ship internationally:  Yes, however shipping rates will be higher depending on the service selected.


Do you offer refunds:  We can offer 1 exchange if you’re unhappy with your item.  Due to our giving model we cannot provide refunds.


What is your “Giving Model”: 10% of each sale goes to helping people, animals, and our planet


what was the first Belle Lume color:  Dark blue about half the size of our current votives.


Is it normal to find imperfections such as bubbles and lines:  Since each item is hand made without the use of molds, we may have some bubbles and lines which are unavoidable.  We will do our best to ensure the do not deter from the art and beauty of the piece.


Why are your items so Expensive:  Each item is a hand blown one of a kind art piece made custom for you. Based on the complexity of the item, materials, and time will determine the price of your art.  


How Do i clean a Belle Lume:  We suggest glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth.  Due not wash in a dish washer


How should I use and clean my Belle Lume if I use a tealight: We suggest using a simulated flame for overall safety.  If you use a real tea light we find it best to put a thin layer of water in your Belle Lume to keep it from causing burns.